Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year...

Just kinda had to post because it was a leap year. There aren't too many things cooler than a leap year. A random day tacked onto the end of February every four years to balance out the calendar. It's kind of ridiculous but still awesome.

I was hoping something very cool would happen today but nothing has transpired thus far and with there being only 7 hours left in the day and the fact that nothing really exciting has happened in the last 4 months or so, I doubt anything cool will happen tonight. But the Pitons are going to pick up former Piston Theo Ratliff from waivers to add to our big men just in case we need him in the finals to foul Tim Duncan.

Anyways, go big...

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - I am not a huge fan of scary movies. I have found that I am more amused than anything and find it hard to find them scary. I think the only movie I have ever been scared of, since the age of 10 or so, has been the original Halloween. It is the best horror movie ever and is a real classic for the genre. But damned if The Orphanage doesn't look scary as all get out...

Thursday, February 28, 2008


So a while ago there was a story that I never blogged about but have been meaning to. There was an apparent UFO sighting in Texas that was witnessed by hundreds of people. Unfortunately it was in Texas and I already disagree with 99 percent of the words that are going to come out of their mouth. Call it a vivid imagination or an understanding of how vast the universe is but I am more than 100 percent sure there is alien life out there. I would go even further to say that there has to be many planets within out own galaxy that would have life on it. Our solar system is basically a speck in our galaxy and to think that there was a planet that was formed a billion years before us is completely plausible if not likely.

I say this because I believe in UFOs. I believe that, while perhaps not all of the claims are true, many of them are. When hundreds of people witness a UFO I'm not sure what other proof I need. We have pictures and videos of UFOs and people still don't believe. I'm not saying that it's not possible to manufacture those things but I think that it's also easy to discredit a phony. Call me crazy but I think that it's very likely that other beings have orbited our skies.

I actually don't get why people don't believe in aliens. It is one thing to suggest that they might not have been in a UFO above Texas, but to not believe in aliens is almost ignorant. The fact is that the universe was created over 13 billion years ago and Earth has only been around for about 4. That means that there was 7 or 8 Billion years for other planets to form before earth and for life to happen and evolve and become intelligent. If there was a planet similar to earth that began forming just a million years before we did (which is nothing really) and evolved the same way we did, they would be a million years ahead of us in intelligence making it very likely that they would have the technology to make a spaceship that could travel to far way places that we never even dreamed of. The moon is really not that far away. The fact that we have gone there is no big deal. But, once we become capable of leaving our solar system, it seems more likely that we would be able to find other life on some level.

Anyways, no point to make really. How can you argue with science?

As always, go big or go home. Pain heals, chicks dig scars and glory lasts forever. Carpe diem. Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. Life's short, live large.

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - The new X-Files movie has been on my mind lately so this is sort of a topic I have been thinking about. Not as random as you might think. But for all you X-Files fans, the movie has already started shooting!! Hopefully Chris Carter hasn't lost his touch.

pps - went snowboarding again yesterday and actually landed my nemesis jump (for a couple seconds). Much better the 2nd time than the first. I can't wait until next time when I'm actually able to try the freestyle course. I really want to grind this rail they have though I am sure I will break something if I do...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter or Spring. Just Pick One...

I was going to write about Be Kind, Rewind but after 4 straight blogs about movies I think it's time to change the subject.

I love Winter. I also love spring. I love all seasons actually. But I hate the cusp between winter and spring the most. Right now. When it's late February and it's getting a little warmer and the sun is staying up a little later I start to get excited. But it' bittersweet. I love snow and winter and cleaning off my car after a storm. And I also finally started snowboarding and I haven't gotten enough of it yet. But on the other hand, if it was just 20 degrees warmer I could put on a sweater and play golf. I would kill to play golf right now.

It's just the worst in between phase there is. Actually no, the period right before winter also sucks. Essentially for both in between phases there is just a period of time where it's too cold to do fun things outside but not also not snowing so it's nice out. That was one of the only bad things about Michigan. It really does experience every season to the fullest. Every single week is a slow progression into the coming season. New York on the other hand, was 4 distinct seasons including a very short winter. One day it's summer, the next it's fall. No in between days. It's kind of nice.

Of course soon there will be the usual spring preview that Michigan loves so much. One random week in late March or early April where, for no apparent reason, it will be 75 for 2 or 3 days in a row followed by a sudden drop back to the 30s and about 3 more inches of snow. I will never understand that but I love Michigan for that.

Anyways, thats really all I have to say about that. But seriously, Be Kind, Rewind is a must see. Very commercially appealing and much more mainstream than Gondry's earlier films. I personally liked it more than Science of Sleep but not as much as Eternal Sunshine.

Go big...

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - Anyone watch the debate last night? Is it just me or does every time Clinton opens her mouth make her less appealing. She has gotten so negative, not just with attacks on Barack but just the whole tone of her campaign, that I can't stand to hear her talk anymore. It's strange that just a few months ago I was on the fence about which one to vote for and now (granted I've put all of my eggs in Obama's basket but still) I almost can't stand Hillary. It's too bad. Not only is she ruining herself in my eyes but she's taking my boy Bill with her. Hopefully she loses on Tuesday and bows out gracefully...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Recap...

So the Oscars weren't really all that special last night. Not a whole lot happened. The red carpet was semi-lame because E! only covered it from 6-7 instead of 6-8 like they usually do. I would much rather have Ryan Seacrest interview people than Regis and two random chicks. ABC sucks at red carpet. They make it so serious and awkward. Also making it lame was the rain. People weren't all that excited and it seemed kind of like a low key event instead of what it usually is. There was a hilarious moment with Laura Linney, Jennifer Garner (definitely best dressed) and Gary Busey that was just ridiculous.

Anyways, I was right about a few of my predictions. I can't believe transformers lost on sound and special effects. Especially to a shitty movie like Bourne Ultimatum (which I just blasted again over on Ibodera). I understand the stigma attached to Michael Bay but that movie had fantastic special effects. I mean the Transformers actually looked real. How can an obviously CGI polar bear (Golden Compass) win over Optimus f-ing Prime? It doesn't make sense.

Usually I would do a best dressed but this year seemed so lame that I will just say the Jennifer Garner won. She looked amazing and I don't even think she's all that attractive. She was last night though. Ever since 13 Going on 30, she has been moving up in my book.

Go big and stuff...

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - also loved Marion Cotillard. Best acceptance speech of the night by far. And she's pretty snazzy looking.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Predictions...

I love the Oscars.

I know they are gratuitous. I get that it's strange that we celebrate a bunch of rich people sitting around because they acted in a movie while we don't even thank the people who make our ever day lives easier (garbage men, postal carriers, the guy who invented the internet, thomas edison etc.) But for some reason that doesn't matter. I know they don't really award the best movie or actor and usually end up giving awards to people who deserved it at some point in their career (Scorcese, Denzel etc.) but I can't help but love them. Not just because I love movies and seeing celebs but because I love the moments when they get it right. I love seeing Cuba Gooding Jr. do a backflip on stage. I love seeing "Crash" beat "Brokeback Mountain." I love it when original screenplays actually get recognized. I like seeing Jack Nicholson at random times throughout the night.

I love the red carpet. I'm not embarrassed to admit it. Obviously. I have had numerous best dressed blogs. But I like seeing hot chicks in million dollar gowns and my man crushes (Ryan Gosling, JT, Ryan Reynolds) all dolled up.

Anyways, I love them so much that I decided to do some predictions for tonight. Best actor will clearly be Daniel Day Lewis. In all honesty, any year he makes a movie (which are few and far between) he will win the oscar. He's that good. I don't get how you connect that much to a character but that's why I'm not an actor. He commits to roles like you wouldn't believe. Best Actress will hopefully be Ellen Page. I didn't see the other movies but I feel like her character was, though not original, pretty refreshing from the other nominees. Best Movie will probably be Atonement. I actually didn't really like There Will Be Blood. I thought the acting was amazing, but the movie itself lacked. I still haven't seen No Country and it wouldn't surprise me if that won. Best Supporting Actor should be Casey Affleck. He is amazing. BS Actress should be Cate Blanchette. Best Director will go to the Coen Brothers I hope. Anyway those are the biggies.

Best dressed people are going to be Eva Longoria, Isla Fisher, Katherine Heigl (though I'm not sure if she'll be there) and probably a couple sleepers as well.

Anyways, go big and stuff.

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - I really hope that someone makes a really good speech tonight. Those are always pretty moving.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Superhero News...

Since there is just too much for me to mention in one blog, this will have to be a 2 part blog. Next time I'll mention all the upcoming movies and release dates but for now I want to talk about movies that are just announced or are still in production. I'm going to try and turn all of you into fanboys like me. If you care about big budget blockbusters at all then this is a very exciting time for you...

If you have been following details of the superhero / comic genre than this week was especially big. Watchmen finished production and I have high hopes for Zack Snyder (300). I recently finished the book and ordinarily I wouldn't trust anyone to do it justice. I originally wasn't a huge fan of 300 when it first came out but upon repeated viewings I find myself loving the movie more and more each day. It really is pretty amazing, and his screen stills from Watchmen seem to be lifted right out of the book itself. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (let's just call it Wolverine...) has also had some exciting news this week. Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights fame (and my boy) signed up to play Gambit. I have actually been dying to make a Gambit movie myself and find this a little distressing but in my head I always cast Matthew Fox (good actor just needs longer hair) and never thought of Taylor but I like the choice. Oddly enough Fox's Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan will be in the film as Blackwing. Taylor looks the part but I am a little worried about the accent which is really what makes up so much of Gambit's character. Also, he signed on to do three movies which means either that he will have a big/important role or that the studio is just playing it safe in case fans love him. Also in Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds has been rumored to have landed the role of Deadpool which is pretty amazing. I love Reynolds and Deadpool and he pretty much is the character. The movie is sounding like it is going to be amazing. Also slated to be in the movie is Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth.

More comic news... Justice League will apparently be without Superman and Batman as the studio doesn't want to conflict with other characters portrayed by different actors in their respective franchise, but if you ask me those two are one of the only reasons I like Justice League so much. Their dynamic is one of the most interesting. The Spider-Man 4 talk has been heating up lately with rumors that my boy Joseph Gordon Levitt will take the helm as spidey. If they make a new one I am really hoping Kirsten Dunst is not in it. She is the worst actress ever. Captain America is slated to be directed by Nick Cassavetes, who, if you don't know, is known for his "gritty" movies though I'm not sure he's the guy to do this. The jury is still out on this one though since they haven't begun casting yet.

Also getting some steam now for next year is Transformers 2. Shia Labeouf claims that it's going to blow the first one out of the water. Obviously I'm excited for it but I swear, if that kid ruins the new Indiana Jones I'm gonna kill him. G.I. Joe is already filming and from what I'm hearing it actually is going to be pretty sweet. What gets me worried though is that so many of these movies get fast tracked and scheduled for an early release which doesn't give people enough time to make a great movie. Anyways, I guess they know they already have my money so they don't really care. Lincoln, Speilberg's next film is going to kill. Laim Neeson looks exactly like Lincoln and with playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America) writing it, it has to be good.

Sad news though for anime fans. It seems that Hollywood plans on bastardizing everything under the sun. I though it was bad that I wanted to make a Cowboy Bebop film but apparently people wanna cash in on some other greats. Dragonball has already begun filming and I'm sure it is going to blow. News about ruining Akira though, they are now planning on splitting it into 2 movies. First of all Akira may be the greatest Anime film of all time and to make it into a live action film with Americans is just silly. It takes place in post-atomic bombed japan and somehow it's going to change location to "new-manhattan." I smell lame. DiCaprio's production company attached itself to the project with him as a producer though no word of him acting in it, thank god. I love him but he can't be in the movie. The movie is going to be based on the 6 part book instead of the 1988 film, and split into each film containing three of the books. Hopefully the movie doesn't happen though it's looking more and more likely.

I had a lot more to talk about but I guess this is going to do it for now. I don't feel like getting into everything else. More soon.

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - if you haven't read Watchmen yet, do so. It is a really great story.

pps - sorry this turned out to be such a nerd post. more movie news on other films not regarding comics or superheroes soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Movies Galore...

Unusual for this time of year, there is an abundance of movies I want to see. It helps that I have no scruples as to my choice of what it is that I actually see, but there is even a hint of quality in the movies coming out that you might also want to see them. On the lame side of what I want/need to see are "Definitely, Maybe" (I'd watch Ryan Reynolds take a dump...) "Jumper" (or JMPR if you are a huge nerd awesome like me) and very sadly I actually want to see "Step Up 2 The Streets." I've also heard good things about "The Spiderwick Chronicles." The good thing about my schedule is that since I have no friends I can see a movie whenever I want and not worry about waiting to see it with other people. It's very liberating living in a place for a short period of time and not being concerned with meeting people or making friends or anything. I'm content to spend my days reading, watching movies and assorted netflix dvds and doing these things alone. But I digress...

The movies listed above are already out, but the reason I wanted to blog was because of a movie (or a couple) coming out this weekend that are must sees for me and should be added to your list as well. The first is one that I've been waiting for for a long time so naturally I assume it won't open anywhere near Lansing. It's Michel Gondry's new film, "Be Kind, Rewind." (starring my boys Jack Black and Mos Def) Now I don't throw the word genius around too much but to me this guy is just that. I can't even begin to understand how his brain works and how one person can visualize something so complex and make it not complex and wholly engrossing at the same time. For those who don't know, he wrote and directed other amazing movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep. He is pretty much where it's at. This is supposed to be his most commercial of his movies which is both awesome and scary at the same time. Awesome because it might be completely hilarious, but scary because it might get away from his brilliant filmmaking and turn into something lame that people who enjoy "2 and a Half Men" would enjoy. I'm hoping for the former. Go see it.

Also coming out is Charlie Bartlett. Not sure of the talent of the writer or the director but from the previews it seems to be a pretty safe bet that the movie will be good. Anyways, if you fancy a movie this weekend go see either of these two. They should be safe choices if you are looking for something really good. Aside from that there are an ass ton of movies coming out this spring/summer/fall that you need to know about so I will do a movie schedule later this week.

Go big and what not.

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - you know what sucks? when you're at the gym and the guy next to you smells and you're like wtf? But then you realize that it's actually you that smells but you're like whatever. That happened to me today but it wasn't my problem so I didn't really care...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Body is Broken...

So yesterday I finally got to go snowboarding. For the first time. Today I feel like King Theodin in Lord of the Rings when he said, "My body is broken..." Indeed good sir. Indeed. Aside from my knees being tore up, my hamstrings beaten, my sore neck, aching back and throbbing tailbone, I feel great. I love soreness from doing something new. For some reason I always thought that I would be awesome at snowboarding my first time. I'm not sure why, but I guess it's because I was never afraid of it. Unlike when I used to be a skater, I was always afraid of having a tough fall in the concrete and breaking my face. Or when I surfed I was afraid of not just the ocean but everything that was inside of it.

Snowboarding, on the other hand, is on snow. And while it still hurts to fall on tightly packed snow that is very firm, it isn't painful enough to deter me from continuing. I fell. A lot. And rolled and skidded and tumbled and injured my way through a couple hours of exhilaration. After a few times down the intermediate hill (we actually thought it was the beginner hill beginner is for douchebags) we figured we were ready for a new challenge and the big jump or the snaking half-pipe seemed to be the obvious choices.

Mistakes were made and while I was able to do small jumps and such on the intermediate hill, jumping off of what is basically a ramp is a bad idea when you don't know what you're doing. Anyways what happened was pretty funny to watch. I had 3 perfect curves down the hill and hit the jump with so much speed that I flew in the air and landed square on my head, ass and back and skidded down the entire landing. Then since my hat fell off my head when I landed I had to unstrap my board and walk back up the hill to get my hat. And that was pretty much my best run. My last run was pretty good actually, I only fell once and then almost finished a jump toward the end of the half pipe and landed it for about half a second before I fell on my tailbone. All in all I am in a lot of pain today but definitely going back again soon.

Anyways, the reason we went for the big jump when we could barely get down a normal hill is because my motto haunts me: go big or go home. I got it from a snowboarding movie so it was only fitting I try. Also I'm convinced the hardest part to snowboarding is holding on to the damn towrope. My forearms are dead.

go big

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - here's a little video of me when I first got there. It was my 2nd time down the hill. I strapped the camera cord onto my zipper hole and let it hang so it's a little crooked but very very funny. You actually can't see a whole lot, it's more funny because you can't see what's happening and only hear my screams...

Monday, February 11, 2008


So I have had this burning desire to snowboard since I was a junior in high school. I was 16. I'm currently 25 and have still not gone. There are 2 places to go within 40 minutes of where I went to high school and college and yet somehow every time I want to go, people bail or don't want to join. That coupled with the fact that despite very cold winters with lots of snow, there really aren't too many opportunities to get out and do it here since there are really no hills in 90 percent of the state.

So yesterday I was all set to go. It had been planned. We found a place that was by Grand Rapids that was only 15 dollars to rent a board, lift ticket and a lesson. That's probably the most ridiculous deal ever. So I woke up and the weather said it was -22. I talked a lot of shit about how I didn't care and how I would go anyways but then I stepped outside. It was pretty cold. Then later it went down to -27. It was very cold. And windy. So I didn't go. And still haven't. But mark my words, this sunday I am going come hell or high water.

Also on the lighter side of -27 degree temperatures...My car door was frozen shut. So I went to my passenger side. It too was frozen. So I had to get in the back seat and rearrange the passenger seat so I could get my leg around the stick. It was very ridiculous. I looked extremely silly, but what are you gonna do.

Go big...

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - Yes We Can is on my iPod and honestly, when you're lifting, there are few songs that pump you up like this song does. A lot of people go for volume and fast guitars when they lift but I prefer the Fort Minor Remember the Name type of pump up song. Yes We Can will make sure you put up that last rep. Just do it.

pps- You know what song is not so good on a workout mix when you're at the gym with a bunch of dudes and you're not gay? R Kelly - Bump and Grind. Take my word for it.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Put on a Coat...

So after a record 16 blogs for me last month, apparently I am slowing down this month. Either that or nothing noteworthy has been happening in my life. So Super Tuesday came and went and Obama had a great showing. He continues to surprise people by winning states he "shouldn't." I am hoping that Michigan decides to have another caucus here. There has been talks lately, due to the fact that the race is so close, that we will have a real caucus so our delegates can be seated at the convention. It would be nice if our state was recognized, mostly because for the life of me, I can't seem to figure out how an entire state (or two) can be ignored simply because of the date we cast our ballots. It would be unfair however to seat the delegates and not have another vote. Hillary was the only one on the ticket and therefore obviously won the state. I'm interested to see what is going to happen...

In other news, I'm getting tired of watching people "suffer" through the winter. There seems to be a disconnect between when you are a kid and when you are in college of how to dress for winter. It used to be that you put on 8 layers, then snow pants, boots, gloves, a hat, a scarf and an 8 inch thick winter coat to brave the elements of a Michigan winter. Then you get to high school and realize that since you aren't playing in the snow that much anymore that you can just wear a fleece or whatever. And that was okay, you're only exposed to the elements from the time it takes you to walk from your car into the school. But when you get to college things change. When you have to walk 15 or 20 minutes you need to dress like you should. Everyday I drive around and see all these kids trying to look hip with their north face fleece and no hat, or gloves or anything else. They hunch over and keep their head down with their feet shoved into their pockets in an effort to block the wind when all they really need to do is put on a coat.

News flash: A fleece is not a coat. It's an accessory. Sure it keeps you warm. In the fall. When there isn't a wind chill of -9 degrees. When the leaves start to change and the air is crisp. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of fleece "jackets." I have 4 of them actually. They are all wonderful when the weather is above 30 degrees or if I'm just going to Meijers. But if i see another person walking to class looking like they are gonna cry, shivering their balls off, I'm gonna kill them. I'm gonna strangle them with a scarf actually. I don't understand. When I go out I pretty much dress like I did when I was 6 and I'm toasty. I could play in the snow for hours and not be cold at all. My point is, if you live in a place where it snows, you need to wear a winter coat. Or get pneumonia. And die. Slowly.

Anyways, I didn't really have anything else to say but felt I needed to mention something. Go big and stuff...

-m, p, z & shredder

oh ps - my brother's birthday today so if you see him tell him he's old.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Can Indeed...

Anthony stole my topic over at Ibodera so I just thought I'd repost here...

Vote Tomorrow!!!!!!

-M, p, z & shredder