Monday, September 17, 2007

The Emmy Snooze-fest...

After the red carpet was over, the Emmy's turned into a really boring show. So much so that I fell asleep at 9 and was only awoken at the sound of Hayden Panitierre's name. Shwing! Anyways, did anyone catch the last couple hours? I personally don't hate Ryan Seacrest, I think he's a great personality for shows like american idol and he's good on the radio and at the red carpet. He was not, however, a good host. The best part of the show was when Ellen did her thing for a couple minutes. She's amazing. Anyways, here's a top 5 list of hot chicks from last night (or a best dressed list, 'hot chicks list' helps salvage a little testosterone). Sadly there wasn't a whole lot that was insanely horrid aside from Ellen Pompeo's hair and a couple of dresses made out of feathers. Everyone looked pretty good. Without further ado...

At Number 5, mostly because I lover her, Kristen Bell.

At number 4 is Katherine Heigl. She was pretty hilarious, esp when she corrected the announcer that her name was mis-pronounced.

At number 3 is Ali Larter. It was her first time at the Emmys and she looked really good. She was very excited about being there and I liked that.

At number 2 is Kate Walsh. How does she not have a Mc-nickname on grey's? She is the best looking one on the show. Too bad she is now doomed on her spinoff. I hope it does well because I love her, but I'm not gonna watch.

At number 1 (is this the 2nd year in a row she won) is Julia Louise Dreyfuss. Wow.

Anyways, there were some other good looking people like Jennifer Love and Portia de Rossi, good job on being attractive to them. Get your feet...blah blah blah

i'm out
-M, p & z

oh ps - despite being 3-0 MSU is still unranked and I can understand that, however after we win this weekend - despite the fact that it's against Notre Dame, we better be at least top 25. I don't care what you say, going 4-0 aint easy for a new coach with a new QB. Don't joke either, you know ND wants to end their losing streak and they don't want to lose to 2 michigan teams in a row either.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

25 and counting....

You know what this is....

It's a celebration, bitches...

It doesn't really feel like my birthday and I don't really feel 25 so I thought I would mention a few things on my mind, 25 years to the day I was born. First of all, it's strange being a quarter of a century old. In middle school Coolio made it seem like 24 was super old, but I'm pretty sure he was on crack because I don't feel all that old. I have noticed that I don't bounce back as quick as I did after a fall then when I was 10. I am not as good at math as I was when I was 18 or 8 for that matter. I've actually got quite a few gray hairs (not a ton but at least 15), I kind of like it. I feel like Sheed. I don't wear t-shirts that go down to my knees (whose idea was it to rock extra large t-shirts when you're a size small). As Kanye says, "Damn here we go again...Everything I'm not made me everything I am."

So just a few things to think about. Recently, while at the Olive Garden with my mom I realized that it wasn't really a taste of Italy I was getting but a taste of Scorcese. I feel like I'm sitting in a resturaunt with Ray Liotta, Deniro and Pesce about to come over and tell me to move. I mean seriously. Who feels like they're in Italy when eating endless soup and salad. They play Sinatra as loud as they can, the manager walks around in his suits making sure everything is okay, like he's going to off the waiter if it's not. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Shouldn't there be like some guy in a gondola or some funny looking guys arguing in italian about smoething ridiculous like a parking space. That's what Italy is really like.

As many of you may have heard, Kanye and 50 Cent both have albums out as of Tuesday. 50 recently said that if Kanye's album outsold his, then he would retire. I bought Kanye's cd as soon as I could. He has also said that he doesn't think an album can be good if it doesn't sell millions of albums. Now I have hated 50 for quite some time but now he is getting out of control in an Anna Nicole kind of way. He said that Ghostface Killah (probably the only one truly killin it at the moment) is awful because his albums don't sell and that his record label should drop him. Also with a new album out on tuesday was Kenny Chesney. Last week on 106 and Park, Kanye and 50 were on together talking about their albums and who would win and whatever, and one of the hosts mentioned that Chesney has a new album out the same day and how would that affect their sales. They then showed a picture of Kenny, to which Kanye payed his dues and said that KC was killin it in country and doin his thing and props to him. 50 on the other hand said, "I've never seen that bitch before." He then went on to say that he doesn't care about him and that there's no way KC's album will sell more than his. WTF 50? Why are you talkin shit to a picture of a country singer. Have you really slid so far downhill that poking fun at dwarfs like Ja Rule has gotten old and now you call someone you have never seen before, who by the way sells more albums than you so according to you is a better artist, a bitch? I bought both Kenny's and Kanye's albums and I last I heard it was Kanye in 1st and Kenny in 2nd with 50 in a distant 3rd. My only hope is that 50 does retire and never makes a sound for the rest of his life.

Anyways, I'm out. Get your feet off the ground and reach for the stars. Go big or go home. Pain heals, chicks dig scars and glory lasts forever. Carpe diem. Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.

Happy birthday
-M, p & z

oh ps - I also recently bought a few other albums, new Tegan and Sara, 2 albums by the Detroit Cobras (introduced to me by Tristan's gf while in San Diego), Sonya Ktchell and the best album of all of these, the new Rilo Kiley. Go pick up some music, it's good for you.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hangin' Ten...

So, after a highly chaotic overwhelming friday in Hollywood, I cooled off in San Diego for the weekend with a couple of my boys from highschool. The saturday surfing lesson was amazing. I have never had so much love for a sport that is terrifies me like I do for surfing. It was actually very very not scary. The ocean is a very powerful thing but luckily I overcame (not really) my fear of sharks, whales, killer whales, sting rays, and jellyfish (is there anything in the ocean that can't kill you or maim you in some way?) and did work on my longboard. We kicked ass and I'm glad I bought a waterproof disposable camera to capture the moment so you can all see how cool I look.

It helped me decide where in LA I want to live and reminded me of everything I didn't like about NYC. A surfboard is the first thing I am going ot buy out here and if anyone wants to come out and learn I would be more than happy to show you how to get started.

I'll keep ya'll posted about my apartment and start blogging about other thigs besides me soon.

-M, p & z

oh ps - What's the deal with fog machines? There was some god awful lame club in San Diego with copius amounts of fog coming out of the door basking all the people in line with the terribleness that consumed the inside. There is no doubt in my mind that there were people inside that club being insanely terrible with some glow sticks or something equally lame. I wonder if there is any sign clearer of a douchebag infested jersey city club than fake fog. Plus I'm pretty sure that much exposure to chemical fog for hours on end has to cause some kind of hybrid cancer...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Thoughts From L.A....

So I've been in LA for a day now, and I must say that this experience is so much different from the one I had a year and a half ago when I visited NYC. First of all, this is the biggest city I have ever been to in my entire life. Never was I overwhelmed by new york, mostly because of the efficency to which you can travel around the city but also because, despite the population, it isn't that much bigger than most cities. LA is to cities as Texas is to Rhode Island. It's massive. There is so much to take in and decide when moving here that I don't know where to begin. So, as it were, I'm sitting here 55 miles south of LA at the pool at my friends apartment complex with a bud contemplating my experience today. I was a little culture shocked coming here from new york but I am slowly decompressing. I also may have been a little wound up because of the time difference. Anyways, I just have a few things I wanted to mention before I head off to San Diego to have a weekend full of beer and surfing lessons.

First, if you haven't checked out the new link I added to the right, go to It's worth a visit and you will definitely laugh. Brown Guy has always been a wonderful hater.

Second, I wanted to do a little hating of my own. This is directed at people who don't kow how to conduct themselves on an airplane. First there's the guy who clearly hates women and taking orders from a stewardess is the last thing he wants to do. You have all seen him before, he is the one who gets very testy and accuses the nice lady trying to help people out of, "screaming at me," or so he claims. She was honestly talking softer than most people whisper in class and this dude seemed to think she was mad at him. So then he tells the entire area that can hear him how upset he is with the airline and that he had to wait for over and hour at the gate before he could board. I was having a fine morning until this guy showed up and I felt a very sever urge to punch him in the face. Next up on the flight are angry parents and people who refuse to turn off their cell phones. Listen lady, the only thing worse than hearing your kid scream is hearing you scream at him on top of it. Just shut up the both of you. And if this plane 'mysteriously' has a failure with any of it's electronic devices, guy with the cell phone on vibrate, I am coming directly at you and killing you before we hit the ground.

Anyways, that's all for the moment. I'll have some pics and vids to post on here soon. I'll let you all know how surfing goes, but if you don't hear from me for a while, assume the worst. I'm afraid of sharks and whales, I'm not the best swimmer and I'm also pretty sure I'm afraid of the ocean. I'm excited to