Monday, July 23, 2007

Democratic Debate #1...Top 5...

Dammit!! I just spent an hour writing a blog then safari quit on me. It was very long and I will try and remember what I wrote. This is the first time I have ever been mad at my Mac.

So the highly anticipated You Tube Debate was tonight. Not only was it the first Democratic debate but it was also the first of it's kind. A true viewer's debate. The idea behind it was that people could send in video asking a question and if it was chosen one or more of the candidates would answer. In the debate were presidential hopefuls, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, Mike Gravel and Chris Dodd. It was really one of the best debates that I have ever seen. If you didn't watch I am sure you can read about it or see clips from it online if you google it.

I used to be bored with politics, they didn't interest me in the least. Not helping was the fact that growing up my dad would force us to watch CNN snoozefests like The Capital Gang and other equally boring progamming not suitable for 10 years olds trying to watch MacGyver. It was always taken for granted that things were fine, we weren't at war and the economy was booming over the 8 years I grew up under Bill Clinton's watchful eye. It wasn't even in college when I voted for Gore simply because I was 18, a democrat and could finally vote. It waso only after that redneck from Texas was elected that I paid any attention. It started off on a sour note with him taking over office even though the majority of the country voted for someone else. Over the next few years it became clear that our country was headed into turmoil and that he was driving it there.

In 2003 after paying more attention to the candidates and what was happening in the world I decided to join Students For Edwards, and did some campaign work for him, handing out leaflets to people on the street. Because of that I got to go see Teddy Kennedy speak and shook his hand. I felt like I was doing something to better the country. However something happened and people voted for Kerry who was a terrible nominee and then he lost and somehow there was still a money hungry power obsessed republican in the White House. Over the last 3 years I have been appalled that he has not been impeached. The atrocities that have occured during his tenure is not even comparable to the little sex-capade Clinton had. I have realized that not enough people pay attention to something that is so life changing and important as choosing the leader of our country. Make no mistake about it, this is the most important election in my lifetime. The state of the country is not good and we need a regime change. Now I am not trying to convince anyone who to vote for, most people who read my blog are democrats and most republicans are to arrogant or selfish to change their thinking. I just want people to choose more wisely that last election. Kerry should not have won the primary.

I do a lot of top 5 lists on here but this one is probably the most impoartant one I have done. Of the candidates listed about based on tonights debate and what little research I have done, I am ranking my top 5 to vote for in the primary. I encouarge everyone to do their own research as this is truly and important time. Over the next 15 months leading up to the election I will try and keep you all informed about issues that I think are important and if this is the only research you do, I will try and explain fully why I like a certain candidate or dislike another.

5.) Bill Richardson, Gov. NM - I had only read his name in passing, briefly noting that he was some dude running for president. While he isn't going to win the nominee he is certainly a good face to have in the election. He represents real people. Coming from a state government he lacks the grasp on national politics and world issues that the other candidates have, which will most likely end up with him dropping out, but he has a real hold on what the country needs for the most part. He understands the importance of a better education system and supports most ideas held by other democrats on issues from religion to global warming. He is an idealist and it is hard not to like him because of his earnestness.

4.) John Edwards, Former Sen. NC - My boy has gone from number 1 to number 4? Well it's only been one debate this far but really the top 4 are neck and neck at the moment. The issue here was that while he didn't do anything to lose my vote, he didn't say anything new to keep it. I feel that this election is so important and will hopefully catalyze a change in politics and I am not confident that he is the one to do it. I don't question his ability, I'm just not sure that he is what we need right now, but I am sure soon enough he will make me remember why I stood for hours handing out leaflets to undergrads who didn't care.

3.) Hillary Clinton, Sen. NY - While she may be atop eveyone else's leaderboard as the clear favorite I am still not sure. Don't get me wrong I think she is amazing but there are so many good candidates this year only time will tell. She impressed me a lot tonight. I have only heard her speak a few times before this but I was amazed at how stong she was. She clearly has the most experience of any of the lot and obviously the 8 years in the White House has made her a very strong candidate. She has the most structured plan of any of them and seems the most ready and able to take over. My only complaint is that she seems to have little wiggle room. She seems so sure and so well read that it may be hard to debate with her and try and change her mind; to politic with her. I do know that we could do no better than to have her as our first female president.

2.) Barack Obama, Sen. IL - The most eloquent speaker of all. Hearing him speak is what I assume it was like to hear Bobby Kennedy run for president. The ideals and plans and hopes and dreams for this country to be all it can be, and to put aside partisan politics and work toward a single goal of bettering everyone is catalyzing. He may be the reason I care so much about this specific election. After reading The Audactiy to Hope, I feel that I can make a difference. That there really is something he can do that no one else has done, and bring together people like no one before him. I truly believe that he understands the people of this country and what they want and need better than any other candidate in all the elections in my life time. He has spent so much time travelling the country and meeting people and talking to them that he really gets people. He is engaging and charismatic and though he has only been in national politics for a very short time, he seems to know so much about it. He wants whats best for the country, I believe, even if it's not him.

1.) Joeseph Biden, Sen. DE - A very surprsing pick I know. Esp if you are a frequent reader of my blog. If you remember several months ago I had a post where I put him on blast. He made some comment about all Indians working at 7/11s or something and I took offense to this conservative racist looking white dude from Delaware. I started watching the debate hating him for his tactless words only to realize that he truly may be the best candidate there is. While others seem to have elaborate plans or assumptions and proclomations about what they would do as president, he seems to know. He has a sense of what needs to be done and exactly how to do it. No guesswork, he already knows. He has the experience, the history and a track record of doing great things. He is astute, succint, powerful and yet somehow approachable. He is your uncle who is never wrong, can always fix what is broken, will always be stronger than you and can kick back and drink with you too. He seems the likely favorite of those afraid to 'waste' their votes on someone black or a girl. I'll be doing a lot of research on him and I'll keep you posted.

anyways that's all for now. Get your feet off the ground....
I'm out
-M, p & z

oh ps - i will be doing an ongoing series of this race to the primary in by either doing a blog about a certain issue and going over all candidates or blogging by candidate and going over all the issues. Any suggestions? should i talk about republicans or does everyone hate them as much as i do?

pps - i want to talk about Harry Potter. I'll give you all a few more days to read. I won't divulge anything but i want to go over some things on my mind. It's been a good 10 years and I'm sad I finished the last book. i wish it went on forever.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Sorry if you have been checking, I've been terrible this month. Incredibly busy. For now just this.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Finally a Summer Blockbuster...

With unmet expectations in both Spiderman 3 and Fantastic 4, along with a slew of other good but not good enough movies this summer, I was praying that Transformers would be the ray of light in my summer. After 3 years of waiting for this movie to come out I was not dissapointed. This movie was a blast. The cool thing about seeing movies here in the city is that people clap at the end of every single movie they see, without fail. No matter how good or bad the movie was they clap. I find it a little much most of the time and have only clapped along twice. The first was TMNT and the second was Transformers. I was actually clapping and cheering along during the movie as well. This movie fulfilled all my expectations (well almost all, I wish it was a little bit longer because it ruled so much and I wish the Decepticons had more character build up). The story line was great and the action was better.

Michael Bay has long been touted as being a crappy director and he gets ragged on a lot. While I agree that when it comes to actual story telling and acting he is not the kind of guy you want directing The Hours, but when it comes to action there is really no one better. Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddeon - these movies kicked ass. I was a little worried since he he hasn't used a lot of CG in the past but the movie looked amazing. The action was ridiculous and as cocky as I think Shia LaBeouf, he really is a great actor and did a really good job. Also Megan Fox isn't hard on the eyes and is kind of a bad ass. This is easily Bay's best work and his best story telling. He did a great job getting what he needed out of the actors.

Anyways go see this movie, it really is awesome.

-M, p & z

oh ps - if you never watched Transformers when you were a kid then you suck but you don't need to have any knowledge of the story line before you see it. It's all explained in the beginning.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Movie Reviews...

So with June down the tubes I thought I'd take a minute to go over some movies that I've seen. Let's go from worst to first. Now some of you may disagree with me and that's fine, most of you probably haven't or won't see these movies but just in case you do...

1408 - Starring John Cusak and Samuel L. Jackson. Actually this movie was pretty much starring only J. C. as it was him alone in a hotel room getting freaked out and mind boggled for over an hour. I had higher hopes for it considering how much I usually love his movies but this one lacked a little. He did an amazing job but it was more the fact that I don't find scary movies very scary. The story line was original though but I wasn't exactly scared. Most of the girls screamed a lot if that means anything. Anyways, like most 'thrillers' I watch, I found myself waiting for the end. 6.

Fantastic 4 - Now if you have seen this movie you may wonder how this is better than anything that has come out this summer but unlike my brother who said it was 'the worst' I liked it. I was prepared for the very campy kids movie that I got. The only problem I have is that it didn't stick to the actual story line of the Silver Surfer but it ended really well and I hope that there is a 3rd installment in which he teams up with them. If you don't like cheesy kids comic book adaptions that are not meant for anyone over the age of 15 or you are a girl, don't go see this. If you are like me, it's worth a screening. 6.3.

Live Free or Die Hard - Easily the best movie of the summer. I don't actually remember what else came out this summer but way better than Spiderman 3, better than Fantastic 4, not as good as Knocked Up but they aren't comparable. Everything you ever loved about a Die Hard movie is in here. It's funnier than I remember the first 2 being and while Bruce Willis might be 20 years older, he's still a badass. Justin Long (Ed, Accepted, Jeepers Creepers) was hilarious as usual and my love for him knows no bounds. Len Wiesman directs and while I was worried about him not making a movie about Vampires he completely pulled it off. Go see it now. 9.2.

anyways more later
- M, p & z

oh ps - already have my tickets for Transformers tomorrow night. More on that later.