Monday, January 30, 2006

A new dawn...
I figured i would try posting on blogger from now on so i can add pictures and things as the need arises. Friendster blogs just ain't cuttin it anymore. I guess if i am going to be moving on to a new life i may as well start off this new year (is it still a new year even if it is almost the end of january?) with a new blog page. anyways this is it. enjoy.

So new york was cool. it is a lot bigger than i remember but i guess that is because last time we didnt really venture away from the times square area. It is a strange thing walking around a city trying to picture yourself living there when in fact you are not quite sure where you would be living exactly and what things will be like. I am not sure who i will be hanging out with or where i will be watching pistons games (espn-zone had to suffice for this trip, shout out to my man derek who served me without carding me - it made me feel older than i am which i am not so sure was a good thing actually. i think i am content being 23 for the moment. (also are you allowed to use periods inside of parentheses? i think not)).
I Visited the school with many questions and after i talked to some folks there and had all those answered i realized i had more in general about life in new york but i guess those are just things that you can only know by living there. The empire state building was as cool as i remembered although i didnt realize that you had to pay to go up to the observatory. h&m was very cool of course, it is still my favorite clothing store.
Here are the problems i do have with new york however, and in no particular order they are as follows... Very expensive. Not very many trees (i like to climb them (though there are some nice parks around the school which is a highly important feature)). Very expensive. Crowded. Loud. Very very oh so expensive. I guess that is all the negatives i can think of for right now.
The positives are endless because i think it's one of those cities you can live in for years and still find someplace new that you have never heard of before every single weekend.
Anyways thats all for now, i'll keep you posted (literally posted hahahahahahaha - ok sorry) on my life and where it's headed.
as always: keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars...

i'm out


ps - any thoughts on blogger versus friendsterblogs?

pps - i rule very very much. jammmmmmmmmmmm.