Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Looks like Occupy Wall Street has lost some steam. Maybe it's because people got a look at Occupy Ann Arbor. I was in town over thanksgiving and it was pretty pathetic. In fact, I think it's just a plce where homeless people are trying to get free stuff. Instead of signs that say "we are the 99%," they literally have a sign that says, "we need tents, money and socks." No lie. Occupy a different park.

Anyway, it's hard to blog when you could be playing Halo instead.

Go big.

-M, p, z & shredder

Monday, November 07, 2011

The Vet and n00b...

It clearly takes something awesome for me to post these days. So here it is. One of my favorite video game commercials of all time.

As always, go big. I'd say 'I'm back to blog more' but that's probably not gonna happen. I'm a lazy blogger this year. I've finally come to accept it.

-M, p, z & shredder