Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One week and counting...

With one week to go in my long career as an undergrad, I don't feel any different. I am sure that when you graduate college in a timely fasion it is a feeling of success and accomplishment, however, when you drag it out for 6 long years in a city that is not very much fun, you're just glad it's over. Finally. I don't think I learned all that much, and I regret not figuring out what it was I wanted to do until it was too late to change majors (I couldn't stomach a 5th change). I guess it is good I didn't take many film classes that way I have that much more to learn next year, and I won't be bored at the beggining.

The good the bad and the ugly news.

The good news is that for some reason Ticketmaster actually sucks donkeyballs and they were not sold out as I had said in my last blog. I went to the game and it was fantastic. They played about as bad as they could for about 3 quarters of it but still blew the Bucks out. I am pumped for game 2 tonight.

The bad news is that Peach and Zelda can't accompany me to NYC in the fall. For those of you who don't know (or remember) P and Z are my ferrets, they are sisters, and together the three of us form the Triforce of Coolness. Dax (my future roommate) actually put it this way, "there's some bad news and some worse news." The worse news was that not only could I not bring the ferrets because the apartment won't allow them but they are not even allowed in the city at all. They are allowed in the state of NY, but not in any part of the actual city. It's very sad news. I have had my ferrets for almost 3 years now and they are as much a part of my life as a family dog or cat (currently they are trying to figure out how to take my belt of my shorts on the floor so they can hide it uner my bed). Anyways they will be taken care of for at least next year and then after that I may move to Long Island or somewhere outside of the city where I can have them.

The ugly news is that some people are so ignorant it makes me sick. Read this post and everything will be illuminated. More on that later however; It usually takes me around an hour, sometimes 2, to write a blog that I feel is good enough for people to waste their time reading. Sometimes, such as tonight, I begin blogging and then have to do silly things like go to work which mean I have to come back to an unfinished blog and oftentimes my mood or train of thought has changed. Right now, for example, I have just finished watching the Pistons win game 2 (not to mention a 40 of miller lite and a couple coronas) and I am in a different mood than before. I had a lot of thoughts about the above link and will elaborate on them later but as for now, I will just end the blog on a happy note:

If you love Wes Anderson then you need to watch the clip below. It is one of those American Express commercials, this one obviously is starring and directed by him. If you don't know who Wes is then shame on you. He is the greatest Writer/Director of our generation and he is the reason I am going to film school. Anyways here it is.

That's all for now kids, as always: get your feet off the ground and reach for the stars. Carpe Diem bitches. Go big or go home.

-Marty, peach and zelda (I will now end all my blogs attaching P and Z in honor of them not being with me next year)

oh ps - I have decided to buzz my hair again so if you were going to vote for me to grow it out you will have to wait until the next time I have a vote for my new hair style.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Hardest Working Fans...

The Palaca of Auburn Hills ofetn touts the Pistons' Fans as 'the hardest working fans' in basketball. While I don't doubt that when it comes to fandom we are without a doubt the cream of the crop, I do doubt if we are the 'hardest working' fans. This morning tickets for games 1 and 2 of round 1 of the playoffs went on sale at 11am. At 11 a.m. most people are either at work or in class; I was at work. It is probably safe to say that most people who purchase tickets are working citizens due to the fact that tickets cost money and as we all painfully know, you have to work to make money. Anyways, the point of my rant here is to wonder how both games could sell out in less than a few minutes. I was out showing apartments this morning and didn't get back into the office to a computer until 10:59 and when I signed on to ticketmaster they were unable to give me two tickets to either game. The palace holds a little over 22,500 people. That means that within a matter of minutes 45,000 tickets (for both games 1 and 2) were sold. That means there was probably 20 thousand people waiting like me to buy tickets, only they were waiting longer. That takes some serious dedication to completely free up some time to just sit in front of your computer at work. You really have to have your morning planned out and make sure that you are not interrupted. Most of these people I am sure were at work not doing anything but watching the clock, so while we work hard at being fans we clearly do not work hard. In summation, I'm just jealous, and a little ticked I didn't get tickets to any games, I guess I will just have to take the morning off for the next home games...

Recently I got an email from an old friend who I thought had fallen off the face of the earth. He had been a bit of a recluse the last couple of years and has been going through some life altering changes, which seems to be happening to almost everyone I know right now. Anyways, in his email he summed up his last couple years and talked about how he wanted to get back in touch with people and explore new horizons. Anyways, it got me wondering whether it was just a coincidence that all these people were going through these changes at the same time or if we actually are always going through changes that shape us and challenge our sense of self. I decided, that it is just age catching up with me. I am going to be 24 soon. It doesn't sound old to just say the word twenty-four, but it is old. I remember early in my college years when I thought 24 was old, and that by then I would be on the path college had guided me to. But I'm not. I am going to be starting film school in the fall and I have no idea where my life is heading. I guess thats why things seem so important right now, like I can't control where my life is headed but I can control the decisions I do have to make like where I'll be living. Actually that's about the only thing I can control, and even there I don't have much choice. My point being: every year we change in some way, and it is always a voluntary change. We are always faced with a decision to go down a certain path and as we get older those paths seem more important because we feel like we have less time in case we chose poorly.

To end my rambling succintly, in the words of Little Pete: "Life's short, live large." Carpe diem bitches. Go big or go home. Get your feet off the ground and reach for the stars...

I'm out like a rocket

oh ps - It has come to that time of year again when I make my decision for my next hair style. I am tempted to shave it all off again for the summer, but the ladies like it long. I'll post some pics next blog and maybe we can have a vote or something. That's all for now kids...ciao.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time to Rant...

Okay so as I said in my last blog, I'm going to tell you some stories about some terrible human beings. Now I don't mean terrible in the way the Bush is terrible, but terrible in the way like those people who talk on their cell phones while paying for their groceries. These people make living life so hard sometimes that you just wanna stab somebody. For example to this person yapping about her fucking fake-tan she just got to her sorority sister instead of answering the cashier's quesitons, needs to be stabbed in her eye with the antennae of her cell phone.

To start things off I'd like to talk about this guy.

If you play basketball, and I'm sure it happens in other sports as well, then you know who this guy is. The 40 something hairy fat fuck who sucks at basketball so he chooses to foul instead of play defense. Yesterday I was having a good day of ball when this guy (always clad in a mesh jersey so all of his nasty ass greasey sweat gets all over you) tries to 'guard' me. Instead I ended up much the same as Ben Stiller does in this scene, with a mouthful of nasty, sweaty chest hair. I almost threw up in his eye. I was seriously going to shove the basketball up his ass. To anyone who thinks he's justified because he's fat and therefore not as fast, earlier I was playing against this guy who had to be 5'8" 300lbs no joke. He had the biggest gut ever. But he was playing like a fucking man, and not only that he had 10 lb weights strapped on each ankle and is such a bad ass he didn't even realize when they fell off. That dude is my hero, but this fat white dude is gonna die.

Next up is the guy who invented this shit...

This guy needs to be killed. This is an at home lasik kit. For those who dont know, lasik is a LASER eye surgery that slices off a portion of your cornea to focus your eye. A fucking laser that slices your eyeball, and this guy is willing to sell it to the same idiots who think voting for Bush was a good idea. The most ridiculous part is the illustration. If you can't read it go here. It's supposed to elimate the "unnecessary equipment and staff." People, by design, are morons. Some people might think this thing will actually work and then when they accidentally blinked they wake up dead. The best part is that the guy who invented it and is selling it, is wearing glasses in the ad. Even he won't use this abomination because he knows how ridiculous it is.

Lastly are these girls...

Now, girls for the most part are awful drivers. No offense, but search your feelings, you know it to be true. So why do you attach your cell phone to your ear when you are on the road. Hang up the phone. I can absolutely 100% guarantee that whatever you are talking about is the most asinine thing in the world. No one really cares about whatever mundane bull shit you are talking about. Your lame friends will still be lame after you park your car so just hang up the phone and put your hands at 10and 2. Literally 90 percent of girls are talking on the phone while driving. Now on a long trip when you are on the freeway, though maybe even more dangerous at higher speeds, is understandable. Sometimes you get tired and that can actually be a good thing to talk to someone. But when you are in the city and you aren't paying attention in the first place, get off your phone you stupid whore. Every time someone on the road is being terrible they are always chicks on their cell phones and next time I just might have to stab a bitch.

Anyways that's all for now. I may be in jail for murder the next time I blog but don't worry I'll still be awesome. As always, get your feet on the ground and reach for the stars, Carpe Diem bitches.

I'm out

oh ps - If you haven't had a chance to get outside and enjoy the weather I am going to add you to the list of people who need to be shot.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Fever...

Well I guess it's been a little while since I last blogged but I suppose that is attributed to the fact that I haven't been doing much. The weather has been extremely fantastic lately and I have been trying to get out and enjoy it, still staying true to my new Carpe Diem motto. Anyways, I haven't really carpe'd much except for a picnic table I stole and put in my yard. I just have a few things to talk about and then I will leave you for today.

First and foremost, is this guy:

Well his name is Adnan. He used to be my number 1 fan. He would always tell me how much he loved my blog (by always I mean twice when he was drunk at a wedding.) Why do you care about him? Because he was the first subscriber to my blog. He beat all you suckas to the punch and whenever I blogged I would always think in the back of my head that even if everyone hates my blog, at least I have him. Well, somewhere along the way he lost interest. I was saddened one day to glance upon my list of subscribers and saw that his name was absent. I then left a testimonial on his friendster page wondering what happened, but he did not even accept that. Adnan, please come back. The blog is lame without you. I will give you one week to leave a comment, after that I turn my back and you will be the Magneto to my Professor X.


Next up is American Idol. The show really knows how to get under your skin doesn't it. I watch it because Jordon is kind enough to keep me company during every single Pistons game and the least I could do is listen to Simon tell some people how much they suck. Anyways tonight that ruined my favortie Queen song, and I will never feel the same way about the show. Other than that, to weigh in a little bit, I hope Catherine McPhee wins and Ace loses in the next round. I am amazed that this show is consistently the top-rated show week after week...


I read this book on the recommendation of my brother and I was very happy I did. It's fantastic. It's about an Indian couple who move to America and then it focuses on the trials and tribulations of their son living in America as a first generation American. Reading a book that you can relate to 100% of is awesome. I could not put it down, you should all read it. Just to address a few things it made me think of... First was the way it made me see my parents in a light I had not previously had. I always knew it had to be hard for them to leave India and come here without knowing anyone or anything, but I could never really picture it until now. It is something that I could imagine doing but I don't think I could leave everyone behind during a time when the main means of communicating with their families was air-mail that would take over a week to get a letter. Another thing it made me realize was a better understanding of why it is I go home almost every weekend. We are raised in a way that we always feel like where our parents our is our home - in that home is where the heart is sense of the word - and it is probably partly because my brother and I are our parents entire family in this country. Can you imagine not having a single family member within 12,000 miles? It's crazy...

Anyways I guess that's all for now. I have been very boring these last few blogs and I have a lot of anger and hate built up so look for the next blog being a mindless rant about everything that has been pissing me off, and as always (or from now on) get your feet off the ground and reach for the stars. Carpe diem bitches.

I'm out homies

oh ps - At work I got 200 dollars to the mall here (because i'm such a bad ass when it comes to leasing apartments) and I went on a shopping spree. It was fucking sweet. Usually I am a bottom-line bargain shopper (I never buy anything that isn't 50% off an already red-lined item) but since I won the money I thought I should reward myself. I ended up spending all of it very quickly and only ended up with pants and a shirt from Banana Republic, a pair of shoes, a book and a new belt. Pretty much one 200 dollar outfit. I'll take a picture of me wearing the stuff so you can approve. Anyways, don't hate the player hate the game. Jammmmmmmmmm.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

29 or 2 for 50...

Not really sure what that title implies beyond a spectacular deal, but I just saw one of those kick-ass Mr. Alan's commercials and I can't get that voice out of my head. So it's been a minute and I assume you all are wondering what I've been up to. What's it been? 3 Days? A lot can happen to a man in three days...just not this man.

I finally finished that book I have been reading forever (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close). I kept trying to read other books while I was reading this one and yesterday I realized that I was missing out on one of the best books I have ever read and put everything else aside (except for the Pistons who kick so much ass I dont even need to go into the subject) and finished the book. Anyways, remember back when I was on friendster and I said that "Everything is Illuminated" was the best book I have read in years, well I was wrong. In his second book J.S. Foer outdid himself. This book was so good that I am actually going to talk about it and I'm not even in an english lit class. Nothing really in depth but it had to do with some of the carpe diem mentality I was trying to express in my last blog.

The book is centered around figuring out life, albeit from the perspectives of an 8 year old and an elderly couple, but I guess that dichotomy is the key to figuring out what life is all about, sort of like Rod Stewart said, "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger." It has a lot to do with finding yourself after losing someone and the way you live your life, knowing that every moment you are alive could be your last, and I suppose one of the main themes in the book is coming to realize that. "I'd kissed Anna for the last time, seen my parents for the last time, spoken for the last time, why didn't I learn to treat everything like it was the last time, my greatest regret is how much I believed in the future." That quote blew my shit up. It definitely makes you think about why we wait to do things and why we don't say the things to people that we should tell them everytime we see them. There are things that I should be doing with my time that I'm not, and that is troubling. I am 23 and right now I would much rather be back-packing around Europe. Aside from the fact that I am currently broke, there shouldn't be anything keeping me from this. This summer, I am going to do something and learn something about the world that makes me learn something about myself. It will be one of those life altering experiences that shape me into who I become. See I'm already believing too much in the future. It's hard not to, it's hard to live in this moment and not think ahead.

I am going to try and tell people exactly what I think, not just the positives but everything. As much hapiness it may bring others to tell them how much they mean to you or how you like something about them, it is equally as important (This isn't any insight from the book, this is just me talking out of my ass now) to tell the people who piss you off what you think of them. It isn't worth it to keep things inside that piss you off. The truth will indeed set you free. From now on, I'm gonna be kicking ass and taking names.

Forget about keeping your feet on the ground and reaching for the stars, from now on I have a new motto: Lift your feet off the ground and reach for the stars. Like I always say, go big or go home. 29 or 2 for 50...

Carpe Diem bitches

oh ps - i uploaded a new vid on youtube. it may suck but it also may be funny.