Monday, February 27, 2006

Extra Extra...

I realize this is two posts in as many days but bear with me (besides i am pretty sure the whole tv show blog wasn't greeted as warmly as i had hoped). So i got a letter from NYFA saying i got into their school. It wasn't really a surprise since there wasn't much of an application process but it's good to know that I can actually start planning out my life. I mean, seriously, start planning. Plan. It's a tough thing to do to actually go forth with ideas and turn them into solid, concrete, unbreakable plans. Well maybe not unbreakable but definitely something with a piece of paper where I have to sign my life away. I have yet to sign anything commiting myself to any number of days anywhere so I am still a vagabond i suppose (one stationed primarily in east lansing for the last 6 years) but now i must away.

I was talking to Kelsey earlier about the anxiety of yester-year in highschool dreading the arrival of college acceptance letters (or in my case rejection letters) and the rush of relief when you saw your first legal-sized white envelope. Then opening that letter which confirmed the notion that only good news would come with so many other forms and in such a large and heavy envelope. I remember my first school I got into, the University of Pittsburgh. It was actually down to that and Wittenberg (which i chose as few of you may know) that were my top options (not that there were many others to consider (you may think i'm joking but sadly i am not)). That archaic anxiety had been all too real lately. I mean how silly is it to be waiting to find out what you are doing with your life. Like a piece of paper that someone signed can not just dictate my future but my emotions as well. It's pretty silly, i mean i can do whatever the fuck i want to do right? So why do we all need confirmation from a counsel of people who dont even know me to figure out the next few years of my life. It's ridiculous and I wont stand for it (after today).

Anyways, i'm glad i got in is all i really wanted to say. Anyways, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

as bill says, i'm out like the fat kid in dodgeball.

oh ps - if you are a fan of cars and such and liked what i had to say about my WRX then you should read this article. I am glad someone else feel like the rivalry between the Subaru WRX STI and Mitsubishi Evo IX is like the rivalry between the pistons and the lakers circa 1989.

Anyways i just thought i would update you all on what is happening in my life since you all seem so interested.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

TV just isn't what it used to be...

So I am sitting here at work watching the pistons on my portable tv waiting for my pizza and I was watching a commercial for some terrible TV show that is so retarded it would make Macgyver forget how to make a bomb. So instead of rehashing the glory days with greats like Mac, Airwofl, the A-Team, Saved by the Bell and about a zillion other shows, I am instead goingto rack my brain to find the 5 best shows on TV right now. Keep in mind that always the best thing on TV is anything Pistons related so the number 1 here actually is a distant number 2.

At number 5 is the best make-over show ever: What not to Wear on TLC. It is a very good show and probably the only show that I really want to be on. Essentially what they do is take someone who wears clothes like they were colorblind and then got dressed in the dark, 15 years prior (this person is usually submitted to the what not to wear website by their loved ones) and are then given advice on clothes shopping and what would look best on them and $5,000 to shop with. All in all it's a great show and you might even learn something about what not to wear yourself. I believe there was a segment on linen short-shorts, just kidding. It's on Fridays at 9 and 11pm (the 11 is the repeat from the previous week).

At number 4 is Sportscenter on ESPN. You have all seen it and know what it's all about. It is my most watched program and usually I am able to watch it twice a day. The only reason it does not place higher is because too much time is spent talking about awful sports such as Baseball and Hockey and there is much too much NFL discussions. Dont get me wrong I love wtahcing all three of those in person but sitting through Hockey and Baseball highlights is like watching a snake digest a mouse. It might sound cool but it's boring as shit. Its on daily at 6,7,8,9,10 and 11 am then again at 6 and 11 pm.

At number 3 is Entourage on HBO. The only thing keeping this out of the number 2 slot is the fact that HBO insists on having short seasons that end much too soon and aren't re-run anough to memorize. If you haven't seen it, go buy season 1. Season 2 comes out soon so buy that too. It is the best show HBO has put out. I never really got into the Sopranos but I loved Sex and the City and it is much better than that, either that or it's more of a guys version of it. Seasons run in the summer.

The runner up is Pardon The Interruption on ESPN, or PTI for short. It is a sports talk show that spends the perfect amount of time on a variety of issues not limited to sports. The banter between the hosts, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, is second only to the banter of the boys on the TNT NBA Pre-game. (The only thing keeping the boys at TNT out of this list is because I dont know if it is conisdered a show since it is sort of in between commercials and at halftime and such. if you do consider it a show then move it into second place and then adjust the rest accordingly.) PTI is hilarious, argumentative opinions shouted by my to favorite sports analysts. It's on everyday at 5:30 and then at 6:30 on ESPN2.

The winner is Grey's Anatomy. This show is the only show since the 3rd season of the West Wing that plants me in front of my TV every time it's on. There are a very limited number of shows that have drawn me in week after week to the point where I can't miss it. It centers around a group of surgical interns and the happenings at their hospital and their relationships with everyone at the hospital. Season 1 came out on dvd last tuesday but it has been sold out everywhere I look. It's on Sunday's at 10pm on ABC. I know it's a little late but it's worth staying up for if you go to bed early.

So there you have it, the list of the 5 best shows on TV. If you disagree then you are wrong.
That's all for now and as always, keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.

i'm out

oh ps - will someone please see Running Scared with me???

Monday, February 20, 2006

And so it goes...

I just submitted my application to the NY Film Academy. I suppose that means the decision is made, though I feel substantially less satiated than I thought I would be. I assume that is because there is still much to figure out besides the obvious, "will I get in?" I am quite sure they accept on a first come first served basis, and when I went to visit my boy told me I had plenty of time so unless he lied to me because he hates brown people I think everything will be cool. Now I just need to figure out were I'm going to live exactly and when I am going to move there. The program starts in mid-September (actually the day before my birthday) so I will have all spring and summer to find a place to live though i would like to move out there sooner than that so i can find a job and get familiar with the area.

I'm not quite sure if i am going to live alone or with someone. I think the school can help you find someone else in the program to live with but i'll be 24 then and I thik that crosses the threshold of being too old to go in blind. The possibility of living with P Diddy has crossed my mind but that dude parties to much for me. Besides those girls from making the band would be all over me and that would get annoying. Then there's my car. I would want it there but I am not sure where I would keep it and whether that is a good idea or not. Speaking of cars; in the 7 years that I have been driving (legally) I have had 5 cars. That is quite a few so i thought i would go over them and rank them from the worst to the best.

Coming in at number 5 as the worst car ever is my black 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Given to me after my mom had it for years during my junior year of college, it was a true P.O.S. It was my 4th car and the first car (and last) my mom bought on her own without anyone's approval. It was a terrible car. It was big and actually had decent speed but other than that it blew. By the time I sold it, it only had 132,000 miles on it but acted like it had 3 million. The heat wouldn't work unless the brights were on, the power steering would work maybe 6% of the time, the lights would turn off all the time, it would rarely start on the first 3 tries, the radio would get so hot you couldn't touch it and reverse didn't always work.

At number 4 is my third car, A 2000 Honda Accord LX. It was a very good car, it was probably the best looking car that I had. It was after Honda changed the look of their Accords for the first time and it looked sweet. It had the sport package so it had a spoiler, 5 star rims and it was silver. The only thing keeping it out of 3rd place is that it was a leased car and given to my brother after i got in an accident in it.

At number 3 is my second car, a dark gray Mazda 626 ES. It was actually a very nice car, it just happens to be up against some stiff competition. It was the most luxurious car I had and it was sporty. It was fast and looked good. The inside was fully loaded with leather seats, auto everything, sunroof, premium sound system and a 6 disc cd player. The only reason It doesn't rank higher is because the engine blew up on my on the millenium. I was driving home to Port Huron from Ann Arbor after ney years and it blew up on 94E just south of 8 Mile. I was stuck on the side of the road for hours since no tow trucks were working on new years day.

In a surprising second place finish (it was favored to win first) is my current car, a silver 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX. The best car performance wise and the first stick shift ever in our household. I am actually the only one who can drive it. It is on of the greatest cars built in the last couple decades and has single handedly revolutionized the auto industry. All companies are now making performance based cars based on the success of the WRX.

That makes my very first car, a black 92 Nissan Maxima GXE, as the best car ever. Passed down from my mom to my brother to me, it got around 230,000 miles. It was a warrior. Though dubbed the 'Hidden Hooptie" by kris brown while still under my brothers care, it was still a fantastic car when i got it. Aside from the fact that the cd player ate my DMX cd and that the electrical components occasionally failed and that in the summer the radiator would over-heat so we had to turn the heat on full blast when it was already 90 degrees out, it was a beautiful car. When we got it, it was amazing. It had a keyless entry pad and it was more comfortable than a lazy boy. It's demise came when my parents found out how sad it had become. One time while on the freeway Kelsey had to get out of the car while we were stuck in traffic to run to the back and put up the antennae because the motor on it was broken. I learned to drive in that car and it will forever be the greatest car ever. It drove as smooth as silk and never ever gave any real problems. I even spent a couple nights in it after accidentally locking myself out of my house when no one was home. Saying I miss the car just wouldnt be enough, i yearn for a car like that but i know nothing will ever come close to it...

Anyways thats all for now, as always: keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.
Peace out


oh ps - you should read this "Yep, even in the All-Star game it was the Detroit Pistons who were the best team on the floor."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'll see you all in Hell....

So I was driving to work a little while ago and i was waiting at a stop light just watching traffic. I noticed this kid in the backseat of a car with his face pressed up against the window looking wide eyed with his mouth wide open. I started to laugh because it was a pretty fun sight, or at least from a distance. As the car passed my i realized that it was actually a kid with downs who clrealy could not close his mouth and his face was not, in fact, pressed up against the window - that was just what it looked like. So after feeling like an asshole i decided that i am going to hell. Then i got to thinking about it and as long as i am going down there i might as well talk about some people who are going with me...

Kris B: A similar story: Outside a bar there was this guying yelling incoherently and slurring all his words. Kris turned and said out loud "Damn, that guy is blasted!" To which someone informed Kris that the person yelling had autism. He's going to Hell.

Peter G: (my brother told me this story years ago and i can't help but laugh). I believe it happened on the streets of DC on their 8th grade field trip there. Anyways they were walking down the street and Peter accidentally stepped on a homeless guys banana, to which the homeless man said "Hey man, that was all my food!" After that the man asked Peter for some money to buy lunch but poor Peter had none. Alas, Peter is now going to hell.

Raky P: After seeing the great Mohammed Ali carry the olympic torch, Raky busted out laughing hysterically. Then he goes into an impersonation of Mohammed Ali, walking around shaking uncontrollably and putting out his hand (while shaking) asking people, "You wanna shake my hand?" A knock on millions of people who suffer from Parkinson's. He's going to Hell.

Muki M: At a wedding a couple summers ago, muki's level of out-of-control drunkeness was inexcusable. He got so blasted he started dancing with sheela who is a family friend that we have known forever and by dancing i mean leaning on her with all of his weight and gently swaying back and forth in a stupor. Then later i caught him talking to a group of girls (again family friends)...only he was kneeling on the ground with his fists on the ground like an ape. I then got him up and to the bathroom where he punched the concrete wall (his hand hurt for months afterwards (he scared rajiv)). After leaving the bathroom he was mad that i made him puke and he said "I don't care if you are my brother i will fucking kill you!" Then while i was on a liquor run with rushi, he stole his car keys from sameer (he was holding them because muki was threatening to drive home) and made sameer (who isn't big on running) chase him around the parking lot at the hotel at 2 in the morning. Needless to say muki did not drink at another wedding for a year and to this day he says he will never do it again. From his antics on that night he is definitely going to hell.

Actually Kris and I will be travelling to a deeper dimension of Hell. Last year on my brother's birthday we took a party bus out to Pontiac to go to some club. Afterwards we were completely blasted and in dire need of some food. We see a Taco Bell across the road and decide to run over there. Unfortunately only the drive through was open... Drunk logic made us assume that for some reason it would be legit if we walked through the drive through. After waiting at the call-box, where one would usually order food, to no avail we decided to walk up to the window. This is the conversation that followed between us and the guy who worked the pay window (fortunately i had a camera to document that great moment in our lives (tell me we don't look blasted))

"Guy: You guys can't be doin this.
Kris: I'm sorry, we just gotta get some food.
Guy: You can't walk through the drive-thru.
Me: We're really hungry.
Kris: Please man, I just gotta eat. Seriously. Please.
Guy: Aight man, what you guys need?"

Anyways there are much more people going to hell and i will inform you of who they are and their terrible deeds in an ongoing segment heretofore known as "Take me to Hell" (said the same way one would say "take me to jail," in a martin lawrence sort of twang).

Anyways as always keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.
I'm out

oh ps - 'hustle and flow' makes me want to follow my dreams of being a music producer...If you have any wild dreams or aspriations let me know and maybe we can collaberate on something.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Well the Superbowl was somewhat XL. The highlight for me (and i am going to assume muki and rajiv as well) was the Macgyver commercial. I mean, aside from the fact that Richard Dean Anderson looked like he put on 60 pounds after Stargate SG-1 was cancelled, the commercial was fantastic. If you missed it you can catch it and the rest of them here. A couple of years ago there were some rumors floating around IMDB that they were going to make either a new season of Macgyver or at least a movie, i am now somewhat glad they didnt. Although i have no doubt that they could make it look amazing and have him invent some very cool things, a big part of Mac was his youthful curiosity and that was usually what got him into (and out of) most of his jams. I don't think a 50 something year old R.D. Anderson could pull it off after it looks like he ate the body of the recently deceased Dana Elkar (Pete Thornton from the Phoenix Foundation for those who dont remember).

Other than that the game was alright. I am glad that steelers won, and it ended up being a little more intense than the score would have indicated. The only problem i have is being able to relate to the plight of the seahawks. I am not talking about the loss, but the fact that they got no respect. I can't help but compare them to the Pistons of 04. The media treated both teams equally skanky. I don't really want to get into it, but it has to take away from the experience for the players somewhat to have everybody only talking about the opposing team and how good their story is and how much the country wants them to win and how it is "america's team'. It's always hard to root against an underdog, especially one that is a team you like.

Anyways moving on. I wish killing people wasn't illegal. Or at least i wish that you were allowed to kill people who are being absolutely terrible human beings. For example: I went to get gas earlier at the gas station that is right by my apartment, the problem is that it is at a very busy intersection and also right off the freeway and also fairly cheap so it is always crowded and due to it's positioning between 2 one-way streets (that are each 4 lanes) it is always a zoo to get out because people are always waiting behind you. Anyways i was patiently waiting for this woman to reverse so i could fill up. The only way she could get out was if i reversed so i did so all the way to the curb, enough to give even the widest of turners plenty of room to navigate. Well apparently she never learned how to drive and decided there wasnt enough room. First of all she waited until she completely cleared the pump to even start turning the wheel, then she has the balls to get out of her car and stare at me. She didnt say anything, she just stared. Then she got back in and tried to reverse some more, knowing that i am already against the curb. Then she gets out and waves her hand at me to reverse, to which i do one of those arms in the air "what the fuck do you want me to do bitch" gestures. Finally she made some crazy manuvers that i dont think are legal and gave me enough room to get to the pump so she could leave.

The needs to be a new law about having a license. Passing a test when you are 16 does not mean that you can still drive properly when you are 50. There needs to be a yearly test. I dont think you should get to renew your registration without passing the test. I say increase the cost of renewing your registration by a few dollars and make every asshole on the road take a road test. The number of people who tell me they suck at parking or reversing or driving on the freeway is staggering. Are you kidding me?! You mean to tell me that pretty much the only thing you can do is drive straight??? Listen, if you cant reverse you shouldn't have a license. I could go on about this forever but i think that women should be tested twice a year while men only every 5 years. Asians need to be tested as frequently as women and asian women need to take a test quarterly.

Anyways that is about all i have to say for now but remember, keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.

drive safe.


oh ps - i started listening to opera so if you are into that and you can recommend something please do. i prefer aria's but if you know of something i will love, holla atchya boy.

Friday, February 03, 2006

It is much easier to blog on the site than friendster. Or at least i am just in one of those blogging grooves. I like the photo posting option through this too, although i must admit i found it confusing to figure out with out reading the directions.

What is it about trying to do things without reading the directions that is so appealing. I mean when you buy something new isn't it only logical to read the instructions to see how it works. Obviously with things like vcr's (do people still buy those ancient relics??) there is no need to read the instructions, or with a new computer (unless it is a different operating system...) there is no need to figure anything out. But whenever i buy something new that isn't assembled or comes with one of those plastic bags inside the box that has the instructions along with the screws or install cd, wouldn't it be logical to assume that the reason they are in the same bag together is because they are equally as impoartant? I mean it's not like it's the warranty or something that is shoved in the bottom of the box with no regard for the safety of it; it's not like its placed in a water tight bag like the instructions.

Anyways, one of my favortie things about dudes it how ridiculous we are. Anytime we talk to a girl or see one who might accidentally glance at you, the first thought we have (though it's completely joking 99% of the time ) is how bad she wants me. If i am in the office and someone comes in to pay rent, after she leaves i will look at Bill and say, "did you see that? she just eye-fucked the shit out of me." To which Bill will reply, "Fuck yeah she did."

In a 15 second conversation i had with sameer earlier this is what we talked about:
"liszt007 (11:28:37 AM): i'm conducting the livingston symphony orchestra tomorrow night
liszt007 (11:28:43 AM): as a last minute substitution for my friend
Malivan (11:28:44 AM): damn, thats big time
liszt007 (11:29:58 AM): then i'll hopefully be hooking up with the hot cellist"
Anyways, my conclusoin is that guys rule and girls drool. Keep on truckin'. And as always keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.
i'm out


oh ps - i think you can subscribe to my blog so when i post it will email you. anyways i know there are some die hard fans out there so keep your ear to the grindstone if you know what i mean....

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