Thursday, September 22, 2011


Just thought I'd share some comments from an article I was reading because they are hilarious. To preface this story, I am a nerd and like to read about comic book movies and video games and such long before they come out to see if my favorite characters will be in them, however these people take everything to complete uber nerddom. This happened to be an article about a possible new director for the sequel to Thor. A question was posted in the comments about who should be in the next movie to which someone spouted off about a thousand names. This is what followed:

# Loki’s Left Horn
Thu 09/22/11 1:02 PM
Since when is “Ragnarok” a CHARACTER? Would like to see Surtur – the giant sized fire giant version – show up in one of the sequels though, with his sword Twilight attempting to set fire to the cosmos. Hela as queen of the underworld is a good potential villain choice too.

* coolman
Thu 09/22/11 1:17 PM

Ragnarok is Thors clone from Civil War stupid!

# fnord
Thu 09/22/11 1:05 PM


* Buttcheek
Thu 09/22/11 1:08 PM

Stupid fnord. Must be a Thunderstrike fan…

I know things take a turn for the worst when even I have no clue what people are talking about. I've had so much to say lately and have just been too lazy to post. I'll try and fix that, what with this being my last year in my 20's. The countdown to 30 has begun. 51 weeks. I'm just assuming my life will implode.

Go big.

-M, p, z & shredder

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Big House...

This may come off as UM bashing, but I can assure you, college football for me is all about rooting for State and not really caring about what happens to anyone else. But I think it's noteworthy to mention that UM playing a game under lights shouldn't be garnering this much attention. They're lights people. They were invented a very long time ago and teams across all sports have been playing night games for over a hundred years. According to wikipedia, "The first night football game was played in Mansfield, Pennsylvania on September 28, 1892 between Mansfield State Normal and Wyoming Seminary." 1892?!!! That was 119 years ago!! Maybe it's just because ESPN is a shitty network and the only thing they can report on is a game being played under artificial light and it really isn't a big deal at all, but they've got a lot of people convinced.

The question should really be, why did it take so long for one of the greatest venues in all of sports to get lights?

If I were a UM fan, I'd be celebrating. I'd be pumped about a night game because I've attended a few night games at Spartan Stadium, and the amount of alcohol you can drink before a 7:30pm game seemingly increases exponentially every hour after 12. But aside from UM fans who will be at the game, is it really worthy of College Gameday (another grossly overrated waste of time) to be there?

To be fair, the only teams I feel that actually deserve any national recognition are Alabama (shit they're good - Roll Tide!), OU, Boise St, LSU and Oregon. These teams are way better than any other team in college football and it amazes me that anyone would care about two unranked teams playing a night game.

Anyway, maybe I'm just mad at ESPN for their terrible US Open coverage, but the madness has got to stop. And why doesn't anyone else HATE Andy Murray. That kid whines more than anyone I've ever seen.

Go big.

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Living Together Observations: Part 3...

Just to be clear, in case Nebraska ever uses the internet, I enjoy living with my significant other, these are just some thoughts that I think other guys feel and can relate to.

Decorating. I have refrained from covering the walls in Halo posters and Detroit sports team paraphernalia, but it's taking an absurdly long time to figure out where our things do go. For me decorating is all about feel. If I think a picture/painting/whatever looks good in a certain spot, I put it there. But for her, it needs to no only look good in the spot, but look good in conjunction with everything else in the room and fit the theme of the room. Most of you haven't been to our apartment, but if you had, you wouldn't know that any room had a theme. But they do. I guess.

Football. This applies to sports in general, but it's becoming evident that my days are numbered. Nebraska has always been exceptional at not just letting me watch sports, but watching with me (though that often means her taking a nap). Now that we live together, I fear that those days are over or approaching an end. This all relates back to a point I mentioned earlier: there's always shit to do. When it comes to college football, the only game I care about watching is the State game. I;ll watch other games, but I'd rather do other things. But on Sunday, it's Lions and fantasy day all day. I assume that this is going to result in direct conflict with dishes, cleaning, spending quality time with each other and a seemingly endless list of things to do. Let's pray it never changes. She wanted to salsa dance on Sunday and when I reminded her football kicks off the same day, she was silent though never mentioned it again. Storm's coming.

I'm out. Go big.

-M, p, z & shredder