Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Childhood Dreams are Retro...

First, last Saturday I woke up mad as hell. I have never in my life been more angry in the morning as I was then. It was as if all the forces in the world were teaming up to ensure that I was going to have a terrible hangover. The night before was the birthday celebration of a friend of mine and we went to some rock club that had elevated stripper poles and for those of you who know my bad habit of freaking out when I hear and Michael Jackson song at a bar, you can imagine what followed. Anyways, I woke up to what sounded like Transformers having a battle royale right outside my window but in fact it was a giant saw cutting up the road. Literally right outside my window. This went on pretty much from 6-10 making it impossible to enjoy any part of the morning. Whoever invented this giant saw needs to live where I do. I swear it's like a testing ground for these bohemouth saws, garbage compactors and jackhammers. Here is a picture in case you don't believe me (taken from my bed).

Secondly, thank god for retro. When I was growing up there was nothing that could have made 9 year old me happier than a pair of reebok Pumps. All the cool kids had them and more than that, they were a shoe with a built in pump so they could be as comfortable as you wanted them to be. My mom is a little on the frugal side when it comes to shoes, so I ended up with the knock off TJ Maxx variety with the bright orange hard plastic fake pump, that didn't actually pump. Well good news for me that now retro is cool and my dreams can be fulfilled with the new limited edition pumps. I mean who would have thought childhood dreams are retro...

Taking a little vacay, may blog during but likely I won't. Catch you on the flip side and stuff...yadda yadda go big.

-M, p & z

oh ps - the shoes are as comfortable as I had always imagined...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Your Summer Movie Schedule...

Most summer's have a highlight blockbuster or two that I look forward to all year but this summer seems ridiculous. It seems like every week there is a new movie that I have been dying to see for as long as I can remember. Let me remind you that if you haven't seen Knocked Up yet you are really missing out. I saw Ocean's 13 last week and it was as expected. I give it a 6.7. No one but Matt Damon seems to be doing any acting at all but it is nice, light and entertaining. If you've seen one you've seen 'em all though. If you are in the mood to movie hop, it's worth a free screening.

Here however are the next weekends of my summer, and literally there is at least one movie a week that I want to see. Now I know that movies I want to see and movies you want to see are different so I will put an asterisk next to the movies that I think everyone should be looking forward to.

15th - Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
22nd - 1408 (new John Cusak movie)
29th - Live Free or Die Hard (6/27), *Sicko

6th - Transformers (7/3)
13th - Harry Potter (7/11), *Rescue Dawn, *Talk to Me
20th - I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
27th - *Arctic Tale (took them 6 years to make this documentary about a Polar Bear and a Walrus)

3rd - The Borne Ultimatum
10th - Rush Hour 3, Rocket Science
17th - *Superbad (might be funnier than Knocked Up...)
24th - War (Jet-Li and Jason Statham finally team up), Mr. Bean's Holiday (finally! it's been out in the UK for months now)
31st - Death Sentence (sounds like an homage to Death Wish)

So there it is, your summer movie list. And just to get you pumped up for the fall and winter here are a few things to look forward to: Into the Wild, The Assassination of Jesse James.., Margot at the Wedding, Martian Child, American Gangster, Fred Claus, I am Legend, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Charlie Wilson's War.

Anyways, lots of good things to look forward to. Busy summer schedule and I am definitely going to have to movie hop to save money. As always, get your feet off the ground and some other stuff.

I'm out
-M, p & z

oh ps - of y past reccomendations did anyone see The Ilusionist, Knocked Up, The Last Mimzy or any of the others I suggested? I'd like to know if people agree with me or not on movie choices...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ethan Hawke Almost Elbowed Me In The Face...

So I was convinced to go to the Tonys and stand outside while the celebs poured in from their shiny black cars and I'm really glad I did. It was pretty fun and I exponentially increased the number of celeb spottings in the city, though I'm not going to count this in my day to day sightings. We were standing right where they get out of their cars and make their way on to the red carpet - so close that Ethan Hawke almost elbowed me in the face. Not really, but he was within arms reach as you can see by the picture. Among the other notables I saw were Christina Applegate looking hotter than ever (she gets the best dressed award for this night), NPH, Zach Braff (the highlight of my night) Billy Crudup and pretty much every presenter there.

Speaking of highly fashionable, I got a new hat. It changes who I am as a person. It is probably the most outlandish thing I have ever purchased that I actually think looks good. Anyways you be the judge, the gay guy who sold it to me seemed to think it looked very good on me...

Anyways I'll blog again in a day or two. Lots of things to talk about. As always get your feet off the ground yadda yadda...

hallelujah hollaback
-M, p & z

oh ps - a special picture for Muki and Sameer (if anyone else gets the joke you must comment) Here's a hint: "You think I want this?! It...just...hap-pened...!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Perfect 10...

Of all the movies I've seen and reviewed so far on my blogs I finally saw a perfect 10 last night. Knocked Up is ridiculous. It's a perfect balance of chick flick and dude flick. Perhaps not as many one liners and hilarious moments as The 40 Year Old Virgin, no, nevermind now that I think about it I could not stop laughing during this movie. If you are a fan of Judd Apatow (freaks and geeks, undeclared, 40 y.o virgin) then you will absolutely love this. It has been a very long itme since I have bought a dvd for full price the day it comes out in dvd but I will be waiting on the edge of my seat for the next 4 or 5 months until this comes out. Sometimes I may go overboard on the superlatives but about half an hour into this movie I actually said, "this is the best movie I have ever seen." Granted that may not be true, but go see this as soon as you have a couple hours of free time.

More reviews... I got Half Nelson on netflix last week and it's really no surprise at all the Ryan Gosling was nominated for an oscar. It's about a junior high history teacher that deals with his addiction to coke and balances being a good teacher - 8.6.

I got some new cds as well. The new Ozma cd is pretty good, not nearly as good as Rock and Roll Part 3 but pretty sweet - 7.0. If you are in the mood for a good country cd go get the Taylor Swift cd - it reminds me a lot of the Dixie Chicks -wide open spaces - 8.3.

Anyways you might be thinking that I always review movies favorably and while I may like almost every movie I see, I do know the difference between a good movie and a bad movie. I actually only review big budget movies on here or movies that I think other people besides me will like. I realize that this usually means that you have no ideas about what movies not to see so I suppose I could review all the movies I see. If so I also recently saw The Sentinal, Beer League and The Groomsmen. They are all good movies to watch if you know what you are getting into, and if you like Ed Burns (She's The One) then def check out The Groomsmen.

Alright I'm outta here. go big....
-M, p & z

oh ps - I've refrained from writing anything about the pistons but I will have to mention something after this series ends, i hope to god that isn't tonight.