Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Is it just me or did milk used to stay good a lot longer. It seems like every time I go to my fridge to finish off the milk a day before the expiration date, it's not good anymore. I do the quick smell check and it's rancid. And this is before the actual expiration date! They should just stop lying to people. I say this because last week I was craving cereal and my milk went bad. The day before. Today? I went to make a protein shake (GTL in effect) and it was already bad. 2 days before! I'm considering filing a grievance with someone. Hey lawyers, do I have a case? What if I drink it and then get sick? Does my case get stronger?

Anyway, I just wanted to see if it was just me or if this was happening to everyone out there. I guess there really is no use crying over spilled spoiled milk. Go big or go home. 

-M, p, z & shredder

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Late Addition...

So I know I put up my top three hot chicks a few weeks ago, but I'd like to add one to the list (which puts it at 4 if you're a mathematician, thus I will probable add another one soon to make it a nice even top 5). Katy Perry has been around for a while but I seemed to have missed the memo that she is a dime. I mean I've seen pictures before, but maybe it's just that I was too busy being annoyed with her music to pay her any mind. In any event, she's crazy good looking. I think it was at the VMAs that I took notice, but really it could have been the google imaging when it became love.

Anyway, here at number 4 (I guess) is my new flame:

If she isn't in your top 5 or 10, there's something wrong with you. Plus she kissed a girl and apparently liked it.

Go big.

-M, p, z & shredder

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harry Potter and Some Stuff That Wasn't in the Book...

So I know I spend a lot of time hating on how much HP 6 was different from the book and how the movie was, at best, a poor man's version of the book, but I'll be damned if this doesn't look good.

That's all for now. Go big.

-M, p, z & shredder

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wedding Daze: The End...

I guess I'm skipping the rest of the stories from my long wedding weekend. I just had my last wedding of the season and it went out with a bang. My boy Danger just had his wedding and it was your traditional blackout bombardment of family and friends. It was exciting, fun and thank god they're all over. I know Mark Twain is reading this wondering whether her wedding was the best and though hers was indeed fantastic, they were honestly all incredible in their own way. I will say that I did shed more tears at hers than any others.

Getting married seems like the biggest pain in the ass in the world. How can all that planning be fun? You know what would be nice? Telling someone everything you want and not needing to micro-manage anything. Just saying, 'here's what I want, here's the money and here's the date. See you then.' That would rule. But that doesn't happen. People plan and worry and stress and somewhere along the way this summer someone mentioned to me that something like over 50% of married couples don't get jiggy with it on their wedding night because they're too exhausted. Wtf.

That said, I'm a sucker for marriages. At this most last weekend I told my friends not to be surprised if I start to tear up when I noticed they were reading their own vows. There's something that pulls at the old ticker when people start speaking from the heart. I'm a sucker for a wedding and to steal from 27 Dresses, my favorite part really is watching the groom when he first sees his bride walk down the aisle.

Anyway, enough with the love. I'm gonna start ranting about something soon. Go big.

-M, p, z & shredder

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

27 No More...

As I sit here, 1 hour away from being 28, I can't help but think how much has changed in this last year if my life. I started the year living in Manhattan, moved to Chicago, decided to go back to school, started school and as of this Thursday will be halfway done with school. In the middle of all that, I made new friends, Tiger Woods slept with some ugly chicks, multiple friends got married and all the while I kept getting better looking.

I realized two things in the last couple of days. The first I learned last night while waiting in line at Game Stop at midnight for the release of Halo: Reach - no matter how nerdy I am in how I live my life, I do not belong at a Game Stop at midnight. Those people were insane. White guys with dreads, fat kids who don't user deodorant, kids who still dress all in black and then about 45 people deep in the line was me, clad in sweatpants and a t-shirt, just waiting to pick up the game and get out. I might be a nerd, but I'm a also pretty awesome and I'm glad I'm not like them.

The second is that no matter how much I hate getting older, I really don't feel any older. I suppose this goes along with the old adage that you're only as old as you feel and in my case, that's right around 21. Granted my knees and my back keep me from believing it, but I firmly agree with the sentiment. I would surmise that it has something to do with the fact that I'm not any more accomplished at 28 than at 21, at least financially and in fact was making more money then than I am currently. But I also think that maturity isn't something you attain, but rather something that evolves around you. I'm always going to laugh at farts and think hitting things out of people's hands is funny, but I also don't act like I'm 12. I still watch cartoons and still play video games, but I'm capable of being fastidious and paying bills.

The moral of today's rant is this, and this goes to my contemporaries and those readers who have recently delved into the realm of being a 'Thirty-Something': it's okay to grow up, but never grow old.

I'm out. As always, go big. Keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars. Life's short, live large. Pain heals, chicks dig scars and glory last forever. Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.

I'll catch you all on the flip side.

-M, p, z & shredder

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thusday Two Three...

I'll get to Part II-IV soon, but first I just had a few thoughts I wanted to share.


Denard Robinson looks legit. I don't know if any of you watched the Michigan game or saw highlights, but he looks like a little Michael Vick running around out there (without the obvious canine affiliations). That said, they beat Connecticut, can we slow down the "Michigan is back" rhetoric. Not that State beat anyone good, but people aren't going crazy over how good Cousins is even though he had a great game. People are going nuts over D-Rob when really, it's only been one game over the school with the best Women's Basketball program in the country. Let's maybe wait until they beat a not very sharp looking Notre Dame team this weekend before we start moving them up in the rankings.


I'm sure you've all seen these new Blackberry commercials where someone is talking about how they can instantly send messages to other people through BBM. Then they have a story about how some guy saw something and took a picture and was instantly sharing it with his friends. Is it just me or does it seem like they're promoting texting. Like they just invented it. Oh my god, they can send pictures in texts?!! Stop the presses! It's kind of like the "I'm a PC," campaign which is pretty stupid.


Saw this video and nearly died laughing. It's one of those things you keep watching over and over because it honestly get funnier every time.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Movie News...

Just wanted to pass this along to folks who might live in places that show 'limited releases' like NYC, Chi or LA and hopefully a few others. These movies come out on the 10th and look awesome:

Also the aforementioned Bran Nue Dae. Go big.

-M, p, z & shredder

Wedding Daze: Part 1

I've never been one to agree that Labor Day was the official end to the Summer. For one thing, I haven't been in high school for over a decade so it's definitely not because I'm going back to school. For another, if I look at a calendar it also tells me Summer doesn't end for another couple weeks. That said, if this was indeed Summer's last hurrah, I went out with a bang. In four days I had two weddings on two coasts for two friends. The following is what went down.

Part 1:

It started out last Thursday, Nebraska was kind enough to take me to the airport and I was happy enough to let her. I left Chicago around 11 and arrived in San Jose around 1. The flight was perfect. I slept for 2 1/2 hours and woke up just in time to watch The Karate Kid and then we landed.

After arriving in San Jose, Leadright and his bride-to-be picked me up and I spent the next 5 hours before the rehearsal running errands with the groom and wondering why anyone would want to get married; there's so much to do! So we finally get to the rehearsal about a half hour late and surprisingly no one is stressed. We do our thing and the wedding planner tells us how we're going to stand. Simple right? Not so much.

Dinner was delicious and afterward Leadright and I retired to his apartment to burn every guest a wedding cd, only to have the computer 'crap out' on us and instead we spent it looking up funny videos on youtube and spinning on his turntables. I learned a few things over the course of my day with him, 1) A marriage might be about two people, but a wedding a colossal pain in the ass and is all about the bride, 2) there is a ton that goes into planning a wedding and there's not enough time to do it and 3) groomsmen are there to have fun, get drunk and give the groom his sanity back before he gets married.

Anyway, that's all for now. Parts 2-4 coming soon. Go big.

-M, p, z & shredder