Thursday, October 30, 2008

Earth is Lame...

I'm convinced the coolest sh*t happening in the universe is most definitely not here on earth. I've always been fascinated with space and other galaxies and it might be because there are no cooler pictures than the ones of galaxies going wild. Here is the latest treasure Hubble captured. two galaxies collided and this is what it looked like.

As always, go big or go home...

-M, p, z & shredder

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Other Issues...

So aside from the presidential election on tuesday, there are also other items you'll be voting for. If you are in Michigan there are two propositions that you'll vote on, one of them is controversial and the other one I'm pretty sure a lot of people agree with already. The first time I voted I didn't know we also voted on propositions or other offices. The second time I voted I only knew about the Gay Marriage vote and wasn't prepared for the others. I would suggest that you take the time to go to your state's information page and figure out what proposals and other election seats you'll be voting on. It'll only take a minute and there is no worse feeling than voting for someone who you don't know anything about. They could be a proponent of eating babies for all you know.

I'm out. Go big or go home.

-M, p, z & shredder

Monday, October 27, 2008


So this is the first time since I have been a State fan that we beat U of M. It feels great. Actually, my first year as a State fan was the first of 6 straight losses to Michigan. Call it my curse, or just chalk it up to the fact that we lost a couple close games, but I can't describe the joy I had saturday afternoon. I love sports and I love rivalries, but this is one of those rivalries that's not so friendly. The reason I stopped being a Michigan fan was because I couldn't stand the majority of the people at UofM and their attitude toward people that went to State. Not just when it came to football but life in general. Wow, you got better grades than me in high school, congrats. Doesn't really give you the right to be an asshole. Not to say they all are because I have many friends, classmates who went there who are awesome and met many people who are equally awesome.

Ever since I started to root for State I noticed more and more how much people at Michigan looked down at us and it made me go from just rooting for State, to also rooting against Michigan. I'm happy they have a 2-6 record. It's hilarious. It warms my heart. I feel like in this scenario, State is the nice kid in school and Michigan is the asshole jock who everyone hates and he just got the sh*t kicked out of him at his house even after he had help (fake touchdowns are lame). Rules.

Obviously it would have been nice to beat a better team than the one from this season but hey, a win's a win. The best part about this season is that if we can win our last three games (our last one is against Penn St.) and Texas and Alabama both lose at least once, then hopefully Penn St. will go to the BCS Championship game and State will get to rep the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl. That's sort of a pipe dream but still very much a possibility as we're tied for 2nd in the conference right now. Anyways just wanted to spread some Spartan love. Go big or go home...

-M, p, z & shredder

oh ps - speaking of Spartan love, if you love Halo and 300 re-mixes, check out this clip. Awesome. Also for you Halo fans out there, next fall there is going to be a new expansion called Halo 3: Recon. It's going to be awesome. Seriously.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Govt. 101...

With the election only a short 10 days away, it still amazes me how little people know. Not just about the candidates, but about government in general. This is one case where I don't entirely blame people. Sure it is up to every person to take a sincere interest in the way government works, but if you don't want to there's nothing anyone can do to make you. But, they can make you learn about it in school. I think the last time we learned about government was in 8th grade. I was 13. I couldn't vote for another 5 years. Why on earth was that the last time they tried to teach me about government.

You know what I was doing when I was 13? Playing Magic: The Gathering. It's absurd to think that I would pay enough attention to retain all that information years later when it was my time to vote. Why do I even need to know that in 8th grade? Not that I am opposed to teaching government at an early age. I think the early you start doing it the better. But it's not really as simple as addition. It should be taught early and then built upon for years in high school and then really focused on wen you are 17 or 18. Senior year of high school should be spent talking about lobbyists and special interests and where money is spent and how to figure out which candidate is right for you. You can't expect to learn everything you need to know about voting just by listening to a couple people argue about issues for a few months. I need to know where money is going and why I should vote a certain way on a certain issue. For as little as America knows about the rest of the world, we also don't know anything about our own country. We are a nation filled with people who just don't care and even worse, are allowed to vote based on nothing.

Sure voting is a right, but it should be treated as a privilege. People should not be allowed to vote based on some inherited view of politics for what their uncle or some random person thinks. It should be based on your own principals and thoughts. I know too many people who are voting for Obama but have no idea why. They say they want change but don't know which Bush policies they want changed. They'll say, "I like his ideas on health care," but have no idea what those ideas are. I have made it a point over the last year to involve myself in this election and learn all I can about the candidates. It started before the primaries and I made a serious effort to learn about every democratic candidate I could. Unfortunately Michigan didn't have a Primary so my effort was somewhat fruitless. But the point is that I still don't know everything I should. I can't imagine trying to jump in this late and decide.

To nutshell a little bit, I think people are idiots and many don't deserve to vote or don't know enough to. Also, I'm scared McCain might win. I'm out. Go big or go home.

-M, p, z & shredder

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sorry to keep blasting you with SNL clips, but yesterday's episode was kind of hilarious. I just wanted to post the new Mark Wahlberg clip. Hilarious. Watch the other one first if you haven't.

-M, p, z & shredder

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy Lady...

So SNL spoofed that crazy lady from that video I posted a couple days ago. It's ridiculous. You've probably already seen this but if you haven't, watch the original first. Kristen Wiig continues to crack my sh*t up.

Go big...

-M, p, z & shredder

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe Somebody...

Really? Joe? If that old creepy dude calls me 'my friend' one more time, I might punch him square in the nose. He's not my friend. I have friends who are republicans. He is not one of them. That debate last night continued to reveal McCain to be a crotchety old man who doesn't understand what he's doing. He keeps on attacking Obama like a 12 year old would. I'm sure if he spent more time explaining his plans, people would listen more. Instead he's always trying to poke holes in Obama's ideas and 'record' but Barack always seems to have the right thing to say back. If it comes down to a war of words Obama is gonna take it. Unfortunately it doesn't. It comes down to crazy people who think Palin would be good for the country. Regardless, I'll stop talking about politics for a second.

Has anyone been watching TV lately? Not the news but programming. I haven't really but I have seen some good ones. If you aren't a fan of Chuck and didn't heed my advice from last year, it's a good show so check it out. It's on right before Heroes (which I haven't seen yet this season but I hear it's better than last (thank god for Tivo)). Also FX has a show on wed nights called Sons of Anarchy. It's not bad. Sort of Sopranos meets Biker Gang. I don't remember exactly the state their from but I think it's in New Mexico maybe? It's on wed nights and it's worth a watch if you're bored. Grey's is actually pretty good so far this year. Not ridiculous but better than last season. Other than that I have seen nothing. What's good? Anything new? I'm boycotting that show "The Mentalist" because it is essentially a rip-off of Psych (best show on tv period) only it doesn't look like it's funny. My hatred of CBS grows stronger by the day. Despite my pleas and amazement, Two and a Half Men continues to dominate. It's people like that that make me think McCain is going to win.

Still no luck on the permanent job front. I've been applying to Nonprofits and Productions companies still. I guess wherever I get a job first will determine my life. I'm just sort of going with it. Catering will have to make do for now but I would really prefer a full time gig with benefits and a salary. Also, I'm working on some new scripts so if anyone has any ideas or wants to collaborate let me know, I need someone to bounce ideas off of.

Anyways, I guess that's it. Go big...

-M, p, z & shredder

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

White People...

Brown Guy posted this on the book and it sort of represents why I'm scared why Obama might lose. People honestly think like this and it's scary. I love how being a Muslim is equated with killing and bombing. Americans are awesome.

-M, p, z & shredder

ps - little bit of shocking news, Terrance Howard will not be returning to do Iron Man 2. Not exactly sure why yet but sources say it was financial issues along with other things. I hate when characters get replaced (except Maggie for Katie in Dark Knight). Luckily he's being replaced by Don Cheadle who is one of my favorite actors. It's strange, I don't like characters changing but the one thing I was mildly disappointed with was the character of Col. Rhodes. Hopefully Cheadle can make me forget all about Howard. I'm hoping Cheadle turns into War Machine and that he looks like this...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


SNL used to be hilarious. Then it was okay. Then it was horrible. Then it was ok again a few years ago. Then it got bad again. Now it's just mostly bad with a few gems here and there. The last few weeks have obviously been hilarious with Tina Fey rocking out on Sarah Palin, but even funnier than that was last week. Andy Samberg is not a funny guy. He has never been in a skit that made me laugh except for dick in a box which was only funny because JT made it awesome (actually I think Samberg wrote it but still it doesn't make him a funny actor). But this weekend I finally laughed at him. If you missed it, this sh*t is hilarious.

Go big...

-M,p,z & shredder


Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit. If you recall I was reliving my youth back in Lansing for homecoming. I've never actually been to homecoming when I didn't already live in Lansing so it was always more of a home-staying. But it was an awesome drunken weekend and state won again and is finally ranked. This season is going kind of awesome so far (fingers crossed) and I'm kind of jealous of other schools that get to have a good football team ever year. Although a lot is to be said about rooting for a bad team forever and being there when they are good. Not that they have won anything or whatever, and we have been ranked at least a few years since I've been a fan, but not usually 6 weeks into the season. I tried to make a documentary about the weekend and homecoming and I tried to capture what it was like but it turned out pretty bad. Essentially it started out the way subarau diaries starts out but then rapidly evolves into me being drunk and/or tired and getting drunk for almost all of it. I'll still try and piece something together because there are some funny parts but it's kind of silly.

Other than that I have pretty much lost all respect of McCain. As I pointed out before, he is senile, but now he's added crotchety, creepy and liar to that list. Did everyone watch the debate last night? He was pretty much hunched over, stiff and creepy throughout the whole thing. Whenever someone asked a question he sort of waddled over and got uncomfortably close without touching them but kind of like the close-talker in Seinfeld and then would spout off some contorted lie about Obama and what he wants to do. I think there were maybe 3 times when Barack stopped Brokaw from talking and pretty much said McCain can't get away with saying what he just said. Overall I thought Obama did great and was very clear and calm and I think any undecided middle class voter would be an idiot not to vote for him. I do think somehow McCain held his ground a little bit and through his bitter old man routine, got through to some republicans.

Sarah Palin is a hot mess though. Seriously. Aside from accusing Obama of hanging out with terrorists in his spare time, she is lying about all of his plans and what he wants to do. I don't see how she or McCain can constantly keep trying to tell people that he is going to raise their taxes. It's absurd. It seems more absurd than usual. Blatantly lying to people by telling half truths is always how you win elections but Palin is like a bench player talking trash during a championship series; they really have no idea what is going on or how to play the game but they feel like they are the truth.

Anyways not a whole lot is going on otherwise. It's kind of silly. I need to do something. I'm still applying to non-profits and have found some really good ones and I'm hoping to hear back but chances are I'm not qualified. I promise next blog I'll talk about something other than myself. I'm out. Go big..

-M, p, z & shredder